Alignment Protagonist
Race Dwarf
Weapons/Equipment Battle club, Sword
Dead or Alive Alive
Nationality Erabor, The Iron Hills
Status Thorin's compaion
Nori is a minifigure in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey line. He is set to come out November 27, 2012.


Nori is the brother of Dori and Ori. He was one of Thorin's company, survived the Battle of Five armies, and was still living at the time of the Council of Elrond. He possibly fought in the Battle of Dale.

Nori is portrayed by Jed Brophy in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit.


Nori has a unique hair/beard piece, a head piece with bushy eyebrows, a torso with armor printed on it, dark brown short legs, and is armed with a battle club and sword.

Official DescriptionEdit

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Perhaps the most elusive member of The Company of Thorin Oakenshield, Nori is often in trouble with the Dwarven authorities. So he decides it might be a good time to leave town. He joins the Quest for the Lonely Mountain, not realizing the journey ahead may well lead him into far more trouble than he has left behind. Nobody ever knows just what the quick-witted and wily Nori is up to, except that it’s guaranteed to be dodgy and quite probably illegal. He often argues with his brothers Dori and Ori, but make no mistake of it. He is still deeply loyal and will protect them by whatever means possible.



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