Moria Orc
Moria Orc
Alignment Antagonist
Race Orc
Weapons/Equipment Various
Nationality Moria
Status Soldiers of Sauron
The Moria Orc is a minifigure from The Lord of The Rings line.


The Moria Orcs were once elves, but were corrupted and mutilated by Morgoth, Sauron's predecessor and teacher. He created orcs to be the infantry in his army. After Morgoth was defeated, the orcs were scattered but later regrouped under the banner of Sauron. They made an attempt to defeat Middle Earth but they were stopped by Elendil, Gil-Galad, Elrond, Isildur and the last alliance of elves and men. After this battle, the orcs were scattered into the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood. In Mirkwood, they rallied to the Witch king's army and made a strike for Arnor in the Misty Mountains. They made war for the dwarves' delvings and caves. After winning the war on the dwarves the Moria Orcs created an empire whose capitol was in Mount Gundbad in the north. The Fellowship of the Ring encountered Orcs of the Misty Mountains in the Mines of Moria. The orcs were hunted to extinction after the defeat of Sauron by Aragorn, Eomer, the men of Gondor, the Rohirrim Soldiers, and the rest of the disbanded members of the Fellowship.


The Moria orcs have a new face piece, used for most orcs, a special hair/ear piece a torso meant to depict armor, and dark grey legs.


Official DescriptionEdit

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A cruel and vile breed of creatures, the Orcs of the Misty Mountains invaded the Dwarf-realm of Moria. Skilled with weapons, they are the foot soldiers of Sauron. They are alerted to the Fellowship’s presence when Pippin accidentally knocks a bucket down a well. Daylight harms and blinds them, so they can't leave their caves. They are mortal, miserable creatures that want to destroy all in their path.


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